Hello, I'm Vladyslav — Web Developer

I am professionally engaged in the creation of Web applications of any complexity in cool technologies 🤘🏼

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What I'm all about.

For more than 10 years of development and administration of web services and software, I have solved many interesting problems.

From simple SaaS applications to high load multi-domain applications.

In recent years, I have been actively studying design and programming patterns. I spend time helping the community and contributing to open source software.

I am always interested in the latest innovations in my tools and programming languages ​​that I use. I actively follow all kinds of news and take skill improvement courses.

  • Full NameVladyslav Gaysyuk
  • Age27
  • LocationPoland, Katowice
  • Emailhello@mikield.rocks


Progress bars? Anyone?

Laravel PHP
Git & GitFlow


Programmer - thinks, coder - codes 😎


I know how good and large applications should work, and how to provide them to the end user.


I know many programming patterns, and I also understand in what situations they should be applied.


I follow the latest trends of UI, as well as have a good taste. But what is UI without UX ?! I understand how users should communicate with the product.


I am a communicative person, and I like to discuss various solutions with professionals, but if there are no such people nearby, I can solve everything myself. I always like to learn something new, and if my brain does not get a dose of new information - it will start to feel sad.


I'm very sad when something is not perfect, and I will try to change it for the better. From the code to the quality and speed of the work.


Please notice that I'm not just coding object-oriented style, I think like objects, I'm the object 😅


Yes. I've been around.

  • 06.2018 – now


    Web Application Developer & CEO Katowice, Poland

    I started my little web studio where I started to do customer support and develop my personal brand.

    As the goal of my studio, I set the solution to complex and large-scale business problems, as well as a huge contribution to the developer community, erasing the "standard" template about the developer.

    Being a developer is cool 🤘🏼 Being a geek is stylish 😎

    During this time, my team and I have solved many cool problems, from simple admin panels to complex complex applications in fin. tech.

    We are not missing out on the chance to make a lot of open source software. Discord bots, unique game mods, gamification, frameworks and libraries 🧑🏻‍💻

  • 10.2015 – 07.2017

    Life In Mobile

    Web Application Developer Katowice, Poland

    In Life In Mobile, I generally worked with Laravel 5 and VueJS as a single-page application.

    I was lucky enough to develop a project for a large Polish client. Trip Holder This is a service for travelers who are looking for transport and other touristic services

    I also got a lot of experience in server management. I have improved my skills in the nginx configuration, installed Gitlab on a dedicated server, and also configured Gitlab CI for automatic testing and code delivery

    I also worked with new solutions for me at the time, such as: VueJS, JWT Auth, MongoDB, Silex, Micro-service architecture, Project Management, Software Development

  • 11.2014 - 09.2015

    Lizard Media

    Junior Web Developer Bielsko-Biala, Poland

    Lizard Media was my first job experience. I was happy to work with Laravel 4 and use it to create a private Task Management system.

    Also with a Adndroid Dev team I was developing REST API for this system, which was my first experience in API and REST.

    Beside private project I was working with PrestaShop e-Commerce CRM. I have created a back-end module of a virtual newspaper for a gib Polish sport shop.

  • 10.2010 - 11.2014

    Freelance & private commercial projects

    Web Development, Software Architect & Project Owner Kamenetz-Podolsky, Ukraine

    When I first started my way as a programmer, I dreamed of one thing: to create a huge project and develop it.

    I worked hard and spent many evenings at the computer creating my own private projects, simultaneously studying and improving my skills in new technologies.

    I created a project for promotion in the social network Vk, created my micro social networks for local groups, raised my pirated server World Of Warcraft. I also managed to work professionally with the guys from Belarus on my most successful project, which helped advertisers to receive fast and high-quality promotion in the most popular social networks.


I'm not lazy.

  • 2015 – now

    Akademia WSB

    Web Application & Database Management Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland

    After changing the school, I realized that I needed something more serious than simple database management. I studied the basics of the computer structure, C # and also continued to study the management of databases.

    Having already experienced web development in 5 years, I decided that I should improve the knowledge of the basics of programming.

  • 2012 – 2015

    University of Finance and Law

    Database Management Bielsko-Biala, Poland

    At the university, I studied the basics of higher mathematics, algorithmization, the foundations of such languages as C and C ++, as well as some scripting languages.

    I was lucky to have one lecture on PHP for my classmates, and also to hold a 3-month course of practice.


Happy customers.


Ich розмовляю многими jezykami!

  • English I studied English at an advanced language school.
  • Russian My whole family is speaking Russian, so I do not have any problems with it.
  • Ukrainian I was born and raised in Ukraine - Ukrainian is my mother language.
  • Polish I have been in Poland for over 8 years and constantly communicate with people from work, on the street, etc.